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july 2019 NCITI Events Calendar

Meeting Formats and Guidelines

The Surviving Parents Network meetings are intended for parents who have lost a child, as well as the family and friends who love and support them.  While the format may vary from meeting to meeting, the general atmosphere is that of a mutual aid support group.  Because of the sensitive nature of the discussion topics, and the likelihood of self-disclosure by meeting attendees, all persons in attendance are instructed and expected to adhere to strict rules of confidentiality.  What is said in the meeting must remain in the meeting.  

The meetings will start and end promptly at the times noted on the calendar.  TO avoid disruption, attendees are asked to be prompt in arriving, and to remain for the entire meeting (1 hour), unless leaving is absolutely necessary.  Attendees should log in with their first name and initial of their last name;  e.g. "Joel J."

In order for attendees to be admitted into the webinar "room," they must first contact the Meeting Facilitator, Joel Johnson, at  At point of contact, Mr. Johnson will provide prospective attendees with the information necessary to enter the room. 

The same procedures apply to admission into the Webinar training sessions listed for each month.  Participation in these training sessions is open to the general public.

The M*A*S*H Unit meetings are closed groups, held bi-weekly.  In order to be vetted for the group, please contact the Meeting Facilitator, Joel Johnson:

There is no mandatory charge for meetings and webinars listed on July's calendar.  Attendees are invited, but not expected, to make a small financial contribution to the National Crisis Intervention Training Institute, Inc., if they feel so inclined.  

Adopting  Twelve Step Programs' Traditions of mutual aid support --and of their meetings being self-supporting by Members-- all contributions, large and small, are greatly appreciated, and will be utilized to finance the sustenance of the Webinar and Meeting formats, and other programs free to NCITI's clientele.


                            !!  ANNOUNCEMENT TO OKLAHOMA PEACE OFFICERS  !!!

                                          UPCOMING TRAINING OPPORTUNITIES

 If you would like to be notified (once locations, venues, and dates are firmed up) please drop us an email at , or check the CLEET website at for enrollment information. The following upcoming one-day training seminars and courses are currently being scheduled for Summer - Fall, 2019, in the State of Webinar and Local Venue formats:  

                                                   (Listed Alphabetically)

A Solution that Kills: A Closer Look at Addiction & Drugs of Choice (8-CEU hrs / 2 MH  hrs)

Coerced Suicide Investigations (8-CEU hrs)   (AUG 13, 2019 - NORMAN, OK)

Cold Case Investigations (8-CEU hrs)

Guerilla Warfare:  Psy-Ops Tactics by Human Predators Against Law Enforcement and Corrections Officers (8-CEU hrs / 4 MH hrs)

Law Enforcement Response to Suicidal Emergencies (8-CEU hrs / 2-MH hrs) (Part I:  JUL 21, 2019 - OKC / Part II:  AUG 11, 2019 - OKC) 

Roadside Response to Sovereign Citizens (8-CEU hrs)

Wolves in Sheep's Clothing -  Investigation of Sexual Exploitation and Abuse of Children (DATES PENDING - TONKAWA, OK)

The following multi-day training courses are currently being scheduled for Summer - Fall - Winter, 2019, in Webinar, Hybrid, and/or Local Venue formats:

Cognitive Interviewing Victims, Witnesses, and Suspects (16-CEU hrs / 2 MH hrs) 

Finding Missing Persons (25-CEU hrs / 2-MH hrs)

MacGyver 101 for Law Enforcement (16-CEU hrs) (DATES PENDING - TONKAWA, OK)

Psychological Autopsies as an Investigative Tool (Practitioner:  25-CEU hrs / 2-MH hrs / Certification:  40-CEU hrs / 2-MH hrs)

Stalking Investigation:  A Guide for Law Enforcement (25-CEU hrs / 2-MH hrs)

Such a Nice Guy!  Background Investigations to Prevent Infiltration of Sexual Offenders and Predators (24-CEU hrs / 2 MH hrs) (AUG 14-16, 2019 - NORMAN, OK)