National Crisis Intervention Training Institute, Inc.


NCITI's Mobile Army Spiritual Hospital (M*A*S*H Unit)

What is NCITI's M*A*S*H Unit?

 Various forms of professional burnout are the all-too-common results of sustained exposure to various forms of trauma experienced by Victims.  NCITI's research has shown that different categories of "Healers, Helpers, and Heroes" (law enforcement officials, firefighters, paramedics and EMT's, military personnel, physicians, nurses, social workers, et cetera) are likely to experience the most common forms of occupational stress disorders:  Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Burnout, Compassionate Fatigue, and Vicarious Victimization. 

The underlying message of Hope that is shared by M*A*S*H Volunteers is implied by the photograph above:  "NEVER GIVE UP...even if you have fallen."

NCITI's M*A*S*H Unit ("Mobile Army Spiritual Hospital") provides various form of support and first-response crisis intervention services to fellow "Healers, Helpers, and Heroes" whose occupational stress disorders may have led to debilitating damage to their personal lives, relationships, and professional careers.  Some of them have already fallen, while some stand on the precipice, about to fall.  The volunteers who comprise the M*A*S*H Unit are professionals who themselves have survived and overcome the types of problems mentioned above.

In addition to the suffering "Wounded Healers, Helpers, and Heroes" themselves, Family Members, Significant Others, Friends, Co-workers, and Supervisors of individuals who may be suffering from these types of problems may request confidential consultation and referrals by contacting NCITI's Director of the Critical Response Division, who himself is a Fellow Survivor.  Mr. Johnson may be reached by email: