National Crisis Intervention Training Institute, Inc.


NCITI Stalking Investigation Unit

One of the most devastating, insidious, and complex forms of criminal investigation is Stalking Investigation.  Due to inconsistent and too-lenient state statutes which often categorize this horrible crime as a misdemeanor, difficulty in identifying and engaging "UnSubs" who commit covert stalking, and common misunderstandings or ignorance of psycho-pathology of various types of stalkers, it is not uncommon for many offenders to get away with committing crimes which rape the souls of their victims.

Recognizing and understanding the potential deadliness of stalking crimes, NCITI, and has designed state-of-the-art, threat assessment instruments, advanced training seminars for law enforcement investigators, as well as providing case-by-case technical assistance --via NCITI's Behavioral Analysis  and Stalking Investigation Units--  in examining a variety of types of information, in order to determine an accurate profile of the offender.   In addition, this information is made available to interventionists, therapists, and prosecutors who will be professionally engaged in designing treatment strategies, sentencing recommendations, as well as implementing safeguards to prevent further offending.   

Stalking prevention seminars are also available to the general public, and, especially, to potential or actual stalking victims and their families.