National Crisis Intervention Training Institute, Inc.

NCITI Critical Response Division


Through its Critical Response Division components (SEE CHART on "Organizational Structure" Page), as well as the Way Out of the Box program (structured within the Training and Technical Assistance Division) , NCITI, Inc. provides technical assistance to professionals, agencies, and organizations that investigate  various forms of trauma, catastrophic loss, exploitation, and abuse, and provide assistance to victims, survivors, and affected families.   The purpose and functions of the various components (listed alphabetically) are as follows:

Behavioral Analysis Unit

The NCITI Behavioral Analysis Unit works with law enforcement professionals to construct psychological and behavioral profiles of various types of offenders and predators, as well as providing training re: various forms of human predation. The Behavioral Analysis Unit directly interfaces with all other Critical Response Division units and teams.

Courageous Survivors Group

Participants in this program are members of the NCITI Advisory Board.  Their collective group is made up of remarkable young people who have endured and survived various life and mental health-threatening phenomena, such as clinical depression, suicidality, chronic substance abuse and addiction, bullying, abuse, exploitation, and various problematic forms of mental illness.  

As consumers of the services offered by law enforcement, social services, counseling, crisis intervention, and psychiatric services, and helping organizations and agencies, these Courageous Survivors have gained insight into what works and what does not, and provide invaluable insight and assistance to NCITI staff who design the Organization's services and programs.  

Members of the Courageous Survivors Group will also be asked to participate as Consumer Panel Members in various NCITI courses and conferences, opening up and responding to questions from the course and conference attendees.

Crimes Against Children Task Force

NCITI's Crimes Against Children Task Force provides technical assistance to agencies engaged in proactive and/or covert investigations of crimes committed by child predators.  This involves open source investigations, social media investigations, and other milieu commonly utilized by sexual predators to target children (SEE "CRIMES AGAINST CHILDREN" PAGE FOR MORE INFO).

M*A*S*H Unit

NCITI's Mobile Army Spiritual Hospital ("M*A*S*H Unit") provides mutual aid support counseling, referral, and crisis intervention services to professional "heroes, helpers, and healers" who have suffered psychological, emotional, and spiritual trauma, as a result of their sustained exposure to the effects and dynamics of various forms of human tragedy.  Specifically-targeted problems include, but are not limited to, compassionate fatigue, vicarious victimization, resulting addictions, post-traumatic stress disorder, and other forms of burnout.   The M*A*S*H Unit is primarily made up of professional survivors who have conquered those effects within their own lives.  For obvious reasons, the identities of the M*A*S*H Unit remain anonymous (SEE "M*A*S*H UNIT" PAGE FOR MORE INFO).


Notes of Adam's Song

This program is inspired by Adam Joshua Johnson, the deceased son of the organization's founder, Joel Johnson.  The volunteers within this program are NCITI Staff and Board Members who, as "Surviving Parents,"  have personally lost a child.   The activities of The Notes of Adam's Song include, but are not limited to 1:1 crisis intervention and  online mutual aid support groups. (SEE "NOTES OF ADAM'S SONG" PAGE FOR MORE INFO).

Psychological Autopsy Team

Psychological autopsies are defined by the NCITI Psychological Autopsy Team as "A methodical, scientific, forensic process of investigation, in which a deceased person’s pre-mortem cognitive, emotional, spiritual, psychological, physical, interpersonal, and social states are examined, in order to better understand the state of mind, co-factors, co-morbidity factors, triggers, and circumstances that led to his/her death.  A result of this form of investigation may be to either form, confirm, challenge, or refute a  pre-determined mode and manner of death."  

Unlike other types of psychological autopsies, the NCITI Team, when applicable, also adds services and protocols which are designed to provide support and therapeutic outcome to surviving parents, other family members, and "significant others" (SEE "PSYCHOLOGICAL AUTOPSIES" PAGE FOR MORE INFO).

NOTE:  The PAT Members who are current or former investigators with law enforcement agencies also function as a Cold Case Investigative Unit, utilizing several of the PAT methodology and instruments.

Stalking Investigation Unit

The NCITI Stalking Investigation Unit provides remote and technical assistance, as well as training, to law enforcement agencies who are investigating active cases of stalking.  SIU's scope of practice covers a wide array of categories of stalking, as well as victims and survivors.  The SIU also provides select technical assistance to stalking victims and their families.  NCITI utilizes proprietary investigative protocols, including, but not limited to the organization's Victimology and Suspect Behavioral Profiling tools, as well as standard investigative techniques commonly utilized by law enforcement agencies (SEE STALKING INVESTIGATION PAGE FOR MORE INFO).

Surviving Parent Network

This mutual aid support group is comprised of parents whose children who have died, or are missing, with no knowledge as to their whereabouts, or whether or not they are dead or alive.  Support services within this program consist of online and local Mutual Aid Support Groups, training and workshops for Surviving Parents and those who care for them, and direct mutual aid support and referral services provided on a 1:1 basis by NCITI Board and Staff members who have themselves lost a child.

Way Out of the Box

This special program provides assistance to Victims and Survivors of various forms of debilitating trauma and loss, in order to aid them in "finding a 'Way Out of the Box' by getting 'Way Out of the Box!"  For an array of reasons, Victims and Survivors oft times find themselves in positions of being "disemployable."  They may have been told by their Abuser or Captor, "You will never be able to survive without me"  "You're too stupid to make it on your own."  "In a month, you'll be at my front door, begging me to take you back."  And, unfortunately, this sometimes becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy.  They may have either lost perishable job skills and knowledge, or may have been out of the work force so long that they find it difficult, if not impossible, to re-enter it.  

They may have lost the self-confidence and courage to make it on their own.  Rather than resorting to low-paying, under-paid, entry-level positions, the Way Out of the Box Team assists those individuals in re-discovering a dream, transforming that dream into a set of goals, objectives, and tasks, and to overcome adversity through the concept of "Therapeutic Entrepreneurship."  As the Way Out of the Box Team Founder often states, "If you can't find a job, learn how to create one."  With the assistance of the Way Out of the Box program, those individuals will find a way through their "stuck state," and "stinking thinking," and make their way on their journey to move from  

Victim ---> Survivor ---> Thriver ---> Overcomer ---> CONQUEROR!


Any individuals interested in finding out more about any of these programs, or requesting assistance in NCITI's respective areas of service, may contact Director Joel Johnson directly,   via email: reach out to our Administrative Assistant and Booking Coordinator, Barb, at

Please type "REQUESTING ASSISTANCE" in the subject line of your email.  If you have not heard back from us within 24 hours, please call 405-543-9221, to speak to us directly, or to leave a voice message.