National Crisis Intervention Training Institute, Inc.


        About National Crisis Intervention Training Institute, Inc.


National Crisis Intervention Training Institute's Core Staff and Volunteers are made up of specialized Professionals, Para-professionals, Surviving Family Members, Former Victims and Survivors, and other Concerned Citizens who have dedicated themselves lifelong services in law enforcement, social services, medicine, nursing, emergency medical services, crisis intervention, counseling, and education.   Common to all our staff is a personal calling to prepare, empower, comfort, and support Victims and Survivors of various forms of traumatic loss, trauma, abuse, and exploitation.  Our Trainers are made up of individuals  whose professional experience, training, and personal life experiences have provided them with insight, wisdom, and professional expertise in their respective disciplines.

The original members of our Core Staff have worked together for several decades, beginning their professional affiliation with one another in the late 1970's - mid-1980's. After serving as a Police Detective specializing in covert investigation of child pornography, and investigation of crimes against children, Joel Johnson, the Founder and Director of NCITI, Inc., left the Norman (OK) Police Department, and joined the staff of Children's Rights of America, Inc. in Largo, FL, where he served as  the Director of the  Department of Crimes Against Children, from 1985 to 1996. 

 In 1996, he collaborated with some colleagues to form the National Child Abuse Task Force, in Atlanta, GA.  In 2006, the training consortium changed its name to the National Crisis Intervention Training Institute,  and moved its headquarters to Clearwater, FL.   Up until recently, the organization operated as an ad hoc consortium of Trainers and Volunteers, while continuously working to develop the training curricula, policies, procedures, and investigative tools associated with the various professional services listed in NCITI's current structural chart (see this website's  Organizational Structure page).   

Since 1996, the core training curriculum and specialized direct services have been designed, developed, and regularly updated to ensure that the techniques and data upon which they are based remains "state of the art." 

In 2019, the National Crisis Intervention Training Institute became incorporated in the State of Oklahoma as "National Crisis Intervention Training Institute, Inc." ( a private not-for-profit charity organization), and is currently in the process of acquiring federal 501(c)3 status.   We are currently headquartered in Alva, Oklahoma.  


National Crisis Intervention Training Institute, Inc. is established to provide training, technical assistance, and professional consultation to law enforcement officials, social services professionals, clinicians, educators, and other helping professionals who work with endangered, victimized, and traumatized children, youth, and vulnerable adults.  Through select direct services, we also strive to  prepare, empower, comfort, and support sufferers and survivors of various forms of trauma, abuse, exploitation, and catastrophic loss. 


Our diverse clientele include parents whose children have died, victims and survivors of crimes of violence (such as assault, physical and sexual abuse), sexual exploitation, human trafficking, loss of shelter and employment, and people who are wanting to get prepared for a possible future well as the agencies, organizations, professionals, and pare-professionals who serve them.