National Crisis Intervention Training Institute, Inc.


Way Out of the Box

NCITI's Way Out of the Box program provides assistance to Victims and Survivors of various forms of debilitating trauma and loss, in order to aid them in "finding a 'Way Out of the Box' by getting 'Way Out of the Box!"  For an array of reasons, Victims and Survivors oft times find themselves in positions of being "disemployable."  They may have been told by their Abuser or Captor, "You will never be able to survive without me"  "You're too stupid to make it on your own."  "In a month, you'll be at my front door, begging me to take you back."  And, unfortunately, this sometimes becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy.  They may have either lost perishable job skills and knowledge, or may have been out of the work force so long that they find it difficult, if not impossible, to re-enter it.  

They may have lost the self-confidence and courage to make it on their own.  Rather than resorting to low-paying, under-paid, entry-level positions, the Way Out of the Box Team assists those individuals in re-discovering a dream, transforming that dream into a set of goals, objectives, and tasks, and to overcome adversity through the concept of "Therapeutic Entrepreneurship."  As the Way Out of the Box Team Founder often states, "If you can't find a job, learn how to create one."  With the assistance of the Way Out of the Box program, those individuals will find a way through their "stuck state," and "stinking thinking," and make their way on their journey to move from  

Victim ---> Survivor ---> Thriver ---> Overcomer ---> CONQUEROR!

A vitally important step to making the journey  from Victim to Conqueror lies in identifying, avoiding, and overcoming "Hobgoblins to Success."  Those "hobgoblins" are:


  • Clutter, Eye Candy, and Other Visual Distractions.
  • “Busy-ness.”
  • Problem-Focusing, Rather than Solution-Focusing.
  • Worry and Mind-Reading.
  • Procrastination.
  • Discouragement.
  • Gossip.
  • Regret and Retro-Vision.
  • Shame and Secrecy.
  • Deity Impersonation and Perfectionism.
  • Admitting, Not Confessing.
  • False Repentance.

Our training and reading materials cover each and every one of these deadly traps, explaining why they are so inhibiting, and how to overcome the habitual tendencies to fall into them.

The principles, techniques, and strategies taught in the Way Out of the Box Seminars are also applicable to any individual who is interested in expanding the scope and effectiveness of their own creative abilities, to learn to set goals and objectives, and to design and complete tasks that aid them in transforming a mere dream into reality.  Whether or not a dream is a "daydream," or a "nocturnal dream," the sad reality is that dreams rarely, if ever come true.....unless they first are transposed from dreams into goals.   The Way Out of the Box program assists individuals who have suffered in a "stuck state" to design a systematic plan to make their dreams into reality.

Watch our Training Calendar for upcoming Way Out of the Box seminars, held both locally, and in live, webinar format.  We look forward to seeing you there!